and I started my own business in porcelain production in 2012, during my graduation year at Hogeschool voor Kunsten Utrecht / Utrecht School of the Arts. Growing up, creating has always been a way to express myself. I have always been illustrating, dancing, cooking. Funnily enough I have only discovered a love for ceramics at art school.


“A dear friend once gave me the picture book ‘The Umbrella’, by Ingrid & Dieter Schubert. To me the story is about a lonely dog and his neighbour, a wise cat. The cat gives the dog a red umbrella and closes the door. The dog opens the umbrella and in that same moment the wind lifts him up and takes him around the world, showing him the most beautiful places. When the dog returns, he feels renewed and happily hands back the umbrella to the cat.
Along with this book, my friend also gave me a red umbrella; to open up and never let go.”

The umbrella, stamped in each of our products, is an encouragement to embark on the adventure and to enjoy the journey.

Ceramics teacher Frans Ottink (studio Zand, Amersfoort) showed me that ceramics is more than wheel throwing (which didn’t interest me at all). This is when I learned about the art of modelling, mould making and production.

May it be under different names for the production company, the motivation behind the work has always been the same: love for the material and the craft.

HUSK Ceramics is a ceramics design and production studio, specialising in slipcasting porcelain. Everything we do revolves around craft and creating products that bring joy into our daily routines through soothing aesthetics and functionality.
Though we are specialised in working with porcelain, we also provide options to work with other types of ceramics, such as stoneware.

We find value in creating things that last. Our work is 100% handmade in our atelier in Utrecht, where we pour all our time and care into every step of the process. The individual character of each piece tells a story about our craftsmanship. We carry out all steps of the process in our atelier, from beginning to end. Find our more about our production process on our HANDMADE page.

Looking back, we are lucky to have been able to create so many beautiful things, for and with so many talented designers.

At the same time I have also designed and developed many collections of my own, of which the pieces are slowly spreading out to more and more stores, restaurants and coffee shops.

The team at HUSK Ceramics has grown slowly. Since 2021 Cheralyn has joined us and leads production. She also has her own ceramics and design studio: MIROSU. Imme Huetink is in charge of certain projects within our team, since end of 2023. She also has her own design studio: Imme Huetink.