Hier nog een tekst over het proces….

Apart from designing a porcelain collection that is made to give you joy and comfort, our actual main activity within HUSK Ceramics, is to execute porcelain production. We work with select brands, both big and small, to produce custom ceramic designs. We love working with creators who care about quality and durability. Our aim is not at first to produce in big quantities, but to produce what is needed. One of our big standards is to reduce waste and to be committed to local production, therefore minimising environmental impact. All of this, while having succes for both the designer and crafts person through a product well made.

In our small Utrecht based workshop we have all the facilities necessary to shape production from start to finish. We go through every step in the process in consultation with the client, to make sure everything is perfect.

On this page you can find examples of collaborations that we are proud of.

1. Design

2. Modelling

3. Mould

4. Slipcasting

5. Pouring out

6. Cutting the rim

7. Adding the stamp

8. Remove from mould

9. Sanding

10. Finishing

11. Bisq firing (1000 °C)

12. Glazing

13. High firing (1250 °C)

14. Polishing

15. Packing with care