Repair your broken ceramics during this first Masterclass, using the authentic Japanese technique of Kintsugi: by using urushi lacquer and brass powder.
Together with Kintsugi master Yuki we organise this first Masterclass in our atelier. During this Masterclass you will go through every step necessary to completely mend your porcelain piece in this beautiful and authentic Japanese technique. By using the gold coloured brass powder you can truly honour this second life you will give the object, making it even more meaningful.

During these 4 classes Yuki will guide you through all of the steps needed to fulfil this authentic method.
June 9th, lesson 1 [10:30 – 13:30] :
Observe your broken piece, clean the edges and plan the fixing and filling of the object. We will make a mixture with urushi to start the first step of mending your piece.
June 16th, lesson 2 [10:30 – 13:30] : 
You will clean the first layer of urushi from your piece and fill up the gaps more with more urushi.
June 23rd, lesson 3 [10:30 – 12:30] :
Another layer of urushi is added to the gaps, or perhaps you start with a lacquer base.
June 30th, lesson 4 [10:30 – 12:30] :
You will use a black or red coloured lacquer to finish the mended part of your object. Or if you desire, you can use brass powder to honour your piece even more.
If you don’t have any broken object you would like to mend, we have pieces available for you to use.
Note: After the last class the pieces still need some days to fully dry before you can use them. This method makes your object very strong, it even gets stronger the longer it exists, because it will keep hardening over time. It will not be oven, microwave and/or dishwasher safe. 
COSTS €180 per person, incl 21% VAT
DURATION first 2 classes 3 hours / second 2 classes 2 hours
LANGUAGE Dutch, English, Japanese
No prior experience needed
COSTS INCLUDE all materials, shipment, coffee/tea and
homemade cake/sweets and of course professional guidance
·· Each participant will receive a discount code for 15% to use on physical items from the webshop. ··
Cancellation is possible until 10 days before the date of booked workshop.
If you cancel after that you will not receive a refund.